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201 : A Film Odyssey

This all started after I read Empire magazine back in March 2006.

Inside was a definitive list of the 201 best films of all time, as voted for by the magazine and it's readers. Included in the list were all kinds of films I would never normally watch. So as a keen film watcher, I thought to myself it might be a good idea to try and watch all the films in order and record my thoughts, and at the end of it, see how close the list was to my 201 best films.

This project will be much better if you could comment on these films and my reviews, so please, please, please get involved, just click on the comments text at the bottom of each review.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

200 ... The Descent

200 ...
The Descent

A total change to Eraserhead, and a lot more mainstream.

The basic story is 6 women meet up for a caving holiday, enter an uncharted cave and are trapped underground by a rock fall. They search the caves for a way out, but gradually realize they are not alone down there.

I like this film, there's a really good opening scene, with a great jump moment. A good claustrophobic atmosphere in the caves, with great shock moments, a quality "hooking" scene, and a good ending that needed a repeat viewing with the directors commentary on to double check if I had it right.

The "miners" are well visioned and original, other pluses include great DTS soundtrack and photography.

The only downside to the film for me (others may like it !?), was an excess of lady swearing ... Ladies don't swear like this when left alone, surely !!! Totally f*:~#^g over the top !

AFO (A Film Odyssey) rating
TJ (T J Hooker) rating 7.5
CK (Captain Kirt) rating 9.5

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This film was just like watching Scooby-Do...only without Scooby, Shaggy or Freddie, but with Girls Aloud joining Velma and Daphne and a 4X4 instead of The Mystery Machine.

Neat twist on the Scooby theme though because these "pesky kids" did not uncover the mystery and come out alive!

17/7/06 18:55  
Blogger T J Hooker said...

If you haven’t seen this film you’re missing a real gem, or rather a blood splattered gem.
Within 3 minutes 30 seconds of the start you get an idea of what you are in for, for the next 92 minutes.
This film is much better than Neil Marshall’s previous film DOG SOLDIERS with a better cast, better effects and a fantastic set that gives a real sense of claustrophobia.
It’s difficult to talk about this film without spoiling it for those viewing it for the first time.
All I’ll say is that if you like shocks and gore, watch this with the lights off and the volume up!

A fantastic horror film, which has put me off of caving for life!

7.5 out of 10

30/7/06 00:31  
Blogger Captain said...

I'm writing this review litterally straight after viewing. Wow! I'm still shaking. It grabs you and refuses to let go until the end credits. I'm sure I'll have nightmares, it's that good! Best viewed at night and alone for maximum effect. THe less you know about the movie, the better the experience. I went in knowing practically nothing about it and was totally unprepared for what was to come. If you haven't seen it, stop reading about it now, go and rent it - borrow it - whatever, just see it!

See full review at The Captain's Viewscreen

My Rating 9.5 / 10

6/8/06 01:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Matrix says.... claustrophobia, wet, cold, lost and something nasty lurks in the darkness - what more do you need for a scary movie? Throw in pointy objects and plenty blood and your cooking. A superb dark journey underground, well filmed and with a 'strange' ending.
A firm favourite (probably) with pot holers and cavers everywhere!

7/8/06 07:39  
Anonymous Flatcap said...

This film is a little gem.

All the things are in place. A dark pothole, sexy girls and mutated humans living on flesh.

When the girls have descended into the cavern the the real fun starts, with blood and gore in every scene.

A realy enjoyable horror film with a twist right at the end.

8.5 out of 10

15/8/06 14:53  

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