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201 : A Film Odyssey

This all started after I read Empire magazine back in March 2006.

Inside was a definitive list of the 201 best films of all time, as voted for by the magazine and it's readers. Included in the list were all kinds of films I would never normally watch. So as a keen film watcher, I thought to myself it might be a good idea to try and watch all the films in order and record my thoughts, and at the end of it, see how close the list was to my 201 best films.

This project will be much better if you could comment on these films and my reviews, so please, please, please get involved, just click on the comments text at the bottom of each review.


Saturday, July 29, 2006

199 ... The Killer

199 ... The Killer

Here's another film I would not have watched if not for this project (so it's having the desired effect), and also one I had not heard of from Hong Kong,
directed by John Woo.

The film is in Chinese, with English subtitles and
is about an assassin who undertakes hits for the mob and is subsequently pursued by a police detective. During a hit, the assassin meets a woman, who loses her sight in the gun fight.
He decides to take care of the woman from then on, with the law and the mob tracking him down.

To say this film is violent is an understatement ... Some of the action sequences are good, but the editing is a bit choppy and reminded me of old Kung-fu movies.

And without giving the plot away, what was "Runt" and "Shrimphead" all about !!?

AFO (A Film Odyssey) rating 6.5
TJ (T J Hooker) rating 6.5
CK (Captain Kirt) rating ??

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Blogger Claire said...

What a cool project! Good luck!

29/7/06 23:21  
Blogger T J Hooker said...

Why kill a man with one bullet when fifteen will do the job, this film has a lot of gun play, some may think too much, but in the context of what the film was I thought it worked well, at times during the action it was intense, and I can only compare it to actually playing a first person shooter like ‘Unreal’ or ‘Quake’.

So top marks for action, as for the story, to me the main plot of the story is all about honour, friendship and betrayal, it would be easy to see this entire film reset within feudal Japan featuring samurai warriors as the main protagonists.

The characters work well together and the interplay between ‘The Cop’ and ‘The Killer’ works, by the end you feel they have a genuine friendship, they are practically the same character only on different sides of the law.

I watched this in the original language with English sub titles and it didn’t detract my attention from the film at all, overall I was entertained and wanted to see how the film ended to see if the characters made it through.

If you’ve seen this film you’ll understand my next comment, how good would a TV series have been called ‘Shrimp Head and Runt’. Now this may just be the translation but classic.

A John Woo masterpiece, guns, action, guns, slow motion, guns, damaged cornea and guns.

I’ll finish the review with the last line of the film

“Shrimp head…..”

6.5 out of 10

30/7/06 00:04

30/7/06 00:28  
Blogger Captain said...

Is this the end of the odyssey?

9/1/07 11:11  
Blogger Captain said...

When's the next movie? We've waited almost a year dude!

13/5/07 01:29  

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