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201 : A Film Odyssey

This all started after I read Empire magazine back in March 2006.

Inside was a definitive list of the 201 best films of all time, as voted for by the magazine and it's readers. Included in the list were all kinds of films I would never normally watch. So as a keen film watcher, I thought to myself it might be a good idea to try and watch all the films in order and record my thoughts, and at the end of it, see how close the list was to my 201 best films.

This project will be much better if you could comment on these films and my reviews, so please, please, please get involved, just click on the comments text at the bottom of each review.


Monday, February 04, 2013

187 ... Boogie Nights

187 ... Boogie Nights

Total change of scene for this one !
A good film, if a tad too long (the film and the shining star...) and dark in places.  But there's some great scenes / stories here, and not all related directly to the main characters (Buck Swope and Little Bill are great). 

Everyone yaks on about Burt Reynolds with regards to this film, but John C Reilly's character Reed Rothchild is a classic, and there's a great scene at Rahad Jackson's with an 80's mix tape ramping up in the background.

The film won critical acclaim, awards and 3 Academy Award nominations.  It was written and directed by P T Anderson, who also produced Magnolia which is a film much further up this list, looking forward to it. 

The film has some great quotes in it...

Buck Swope "This is hi-fi, okay? High fidelity. You know what that means? That means this is the highest quality fidelity. Hi-fi. Two very important things in a stereo system... I have this very unit in my home, but I got it modified with the TK-421, which kicks it up another three or four quads per channel. But that's just technical talk, that doesn't concern you."

Reed Rothchild: Have you seen that Star Wars movie?
Eddie Adams: Yeah, I've seen it four times.
Reed Rothchild: You know, people tell me I kind of look like Han Solo.

Reed Rothchild: Want to hear a poem I wrote? "I love you, you love me. Going down the sugar tree. We'll go down the sugar tree, and see lots of bees: playing, playing. But the bees won't sting, because you love me." That's it.

Record Producer: That's not an MP, that's a YP, your problem. Come up with the money, or forget it. 
Reed Rothchild: Okay, now you're talking above my head. I don't know all of this industry jargon, YP, MP

AFO (A Film Odyssey) rating 7.5
Links ... IMDB (7.9),   Wikipedia



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