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201 : A Film Odyssey

This all started after I read Empire magazine back in March 2006.

Inside was a definitive list of the 201 best films of all time, as voted for by the magazine and it's readers. Included in the list were all kinds of films I would never normally watch. So as a keen film watcher, I thought to myself it might be a good idea to try and watch all the films in order and record my thoughts, and at the end of it, see how close the list was to my 201 best films.

This project will be much better if you could comment on these films and my reviews, so please, please, please get involved, just click on the comments text at the bottom of each review.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

193 ... To Kill A Mockingbird

Yes, you guessed it, another classic film I hadn't seen (proves my idea of watching them all was right I suppose).
Bit of pressure here to like this film, as loads of friends list this as one of their favourite films or books.
It didn't let them down. Set in 1930's Southern United States it's a brilliant story and a great film, about a single parent lawyer, Atticus Finch, defending an innocent black man (the symbolic mockingbird), Tom Robinson, accused of rape by a poor "white trash" girl, Mayella Ewell, whose racist father Bob has abused her.
It's a Black & White film, with no surround sound and no special effects, but I really enjoyed it - both the acting and the morality.
I know it's a story from a while ago but I think we'd be in a better place if there were a few more Atticus Finch's around today.
It also took me back to being a kid (before children's telly was invented !) and watching old films in the school holidays ! Highly recommended.
AFO (A Film Odyssey) rating 8.5

Links .... IMDB (8.5), Wikipedia, The Independent 50 year review



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